“All Queer (LGBTIQA+) Autistic young people need mentors and communities that they can turn to for guidance and support. This is why I’m so happy to be mentoring alongside Sam and Madi and sharing a webinar with Shadia and Sam. It is so important for young Queer Autistic people to hear different voices and experiences when they take part in our mentoring programs or use our resources. I am always gaining new insights and learning more about myself from my I CAN teammates. It is always an amazing feeling to share something personal and see it resonate with younger members of the community. Collaborating with other mentors means that we get to reach even more mentees and give them a fuller understanding of themselves and their identities. There’s more than one way to be Queer and Autistic, something we embody by working as a team to represent many different parts of both spectrums.” 

~ Christian, I CAN Program Facilitator (Mentor)


In addition to our longstanding online mentoring programs for Autistic young people  (ages 9-20), in early 2020, we proudly launched a group specifically for teens (ages 13-17) who identify as both Autistic & LGBTIQA+. Our programs are open to participants from both Australia and New Zealand.

The group runs for six (6) hour-long weekly sessions with new cycles kicking off roughly every 8-10 weeks. To learn more and/or to submit an Expression of Interest, please see:

Special thanks to the Ian Potter Foundation for supporting the continued expansion of our Autistic-led online mentoring programs.


Mentors Christian, Sam & Shadia recently captured some of their experiences, insights and advice for younger peers through a webinar and related tip sheet. Click on the images to view. 

We are grateful to the Department of Health & Human Services Victoria for sponsoring the creation of our video and tip sheet series that showcases Autistic young adult voices.

You can find other videos on our I CAN Network YouTube Channel

Click on the images or names to read each story. – Shadia, Sam, Christian and Madi 












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Wenn Lawson is an Autistic trans advocate and psychologist who is a longtime member of our I CAN family. His amazing work can be found here:

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