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Since 2014, I CAN Network partners with primary and secondary school leadership teams to develop inclusive school cultures. I CAN School® mentoring directly empowers Autistic students with optimism, belonging, self-acceptance, pride and confidence. Use our QR code to the right to complete an expression of interest form or by using the button below. Download our I CAN Network brochure.

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Schools decide, in conversation with I CAN staff, on an appropriate space to run the program within the school (e.g classroom or library), or online.


Mentoring sessions run weekly or fortnightly. Participants are chosen by each school’s Disability Inclusion Coordinator who liaises with parents/ carers.


Up to 16 students can participate in a session, which must be supervised by a school staff member. Sessions are facilitated by two I CAN mentors, at least one of whom is Autistic. I CAN mentors are trained by professionals and all have valid Working With Children’s Checks. 


Mentoring sessions run for 1 hour. We provide 8 x mentoring sessions in a school, weekly or fortnightly. 


Our high school program is structured in a way which is organised and consistent. It is designed for the long-term. The two stages of student progression are as follows.

Stage One – empowers Autistic students with the basic outcome of the I CAN program: a positive Autistic identity. 
Stage Two – develops Autistic students who are wanting to progress in the program and achieve outcomes around leadership and self-advocacy. Students are given opportunities to run activities during their mentoring sessions. Below outlines our high school program modules. 
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Numurkah circle


Students get to know each other by working together.


Understanding Autistic Strengths

Students further understand how their Autism has helped develop their own unique strengths.

Circle Group


This module runs over several weeks and focuses specifically on listening, networking and public speaking.

Rachael Circle

Stress Management

Students share tips and are given advice on how to manage and regulate stress and emotions.

Circle Grid 2022

Planning a Celebration

Students focus on organisation and begin to plan for their end of year event.

Chris at lecturn AExpo circle larger

Celebration Event

The program ends with an opportunity to present an I CAN TALK at our annual expo. 

How to access I CAN Schools

What we offer: We offer weekly one hour group mentoring sessions for up to 16 Autistic students in both primary and high schools. Our packages also include educational talks for students and parents as well as professional development workshops for school staff. 

How to access: Interested schools can write to us at for program details, prices and packages. For families who are keen to bring our program to their young person’s school, we recommend starting with hosting an I CAN presenter on campus for an introductory presentation. We can also provide tailored templates and information for parents/carers to use for approaching school leadership who might not be familiar with our programs.

Our program complements the Australian curriculum

I CAN mentoring programs support students to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals and active and informed citizens. The importance of these capabilities has been laid out by the Australian Curriculum and Assessment Reporting Authority (ACARA). The values to which the I CAN Network holds itself and the contents of our mentoring modules are congruent with ACARA’s general capabilities, specifically personal and social capabilities.

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