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We offer Autistic-led online group mentoring programs for 8 – 22-year-old Autistic people. Our program builds confidence and social connection in a safe, positive environment. Autistic young people are able to be themselves, share their interests and common experiences with peers and benefit from I CAN Mentors as role models. With over 350 participants each cycle we are proving our program is effective. *All I CAN Mentors and staff have completed our child protection training and hold current Working With Children Checks or Blue Cards. To read more about our specific groups and what we offer, click on the ‘WHAT WE OFFER’ button below.


8 x 1 hour sessions. January 29th to March 28th. See our full schedule below and to apply Click Here. – Applications Close January 25th 

Please see our KEY DETAILS pdf. for more information or email us at:



CYCLE 1, 2024 – NOW OPEN

8 x 1 hour sessions – January 29th to March 28th 


Participants join a live video conference via  ‘Zoom’. You will gain instant access to the video conference by clicking on each Zoom session link we provide you after you have completed the registration process.  



$388 AUD for 8 x sessions 

*NDIS Self-Managed or Plan Managed participants can be accepted. I CAN Network Ltd is not an NDIS registered provider although NDIA Managed participants are welcome to pay for the program privately. 

NDIS Reports

Cost $169.50 excl. GST


Up to 9 “mentees” join two I CAN mentors. Each team includes one Autistic mentor and in most instances, both are Autistic. All of our groups are offered on a mixed gender basis.

NOTE: Age groups are advertised broadly, we will group participants as close to their age bracket as possible. As a guide we generally group within the following: 8- 13 years, 13-17 years & 17-22 years – this may vary in special interest groups.

I CAN ONLINE 2024 SCHEDULE – cycle #1

Image 12


5-6pm (AEDT)

  • I CAN Imagination Club® Primary School (7-12)
  • Drawing & Art Junior (8-13)
6:30pm-7:30pm (AEDT)
  • Gaming (8-22)

  • Taylor Swift (8-22)

  • Harry Potter (8-22)

  • Homeschool (8-12)
Image 26


5-6pm (AEDT)

  • Roblox (8-13) 
  • Dinosaurs & Reptiles (8-13) 
6:30pm-7:30pm (AEDT)
  • Anime (8-22)

  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy (8-22) 

  • I CAN Group (8-22) 

  • Homeschool (13-17) 

Image 28


5-6pm (AEDT)

  • Minecraft (8-13) 

  • Disney & Pixar (8-13) 

6:30pm-7:30pm (AEDT)
  • roblox (8-22) 

  • I CAN Year 7 (11-13) 

  • Manga Drawing & art (8-22)

  • Drawing & Art (8-22) 

Image 29


5-6pm (AEDT)

  • Gaming (8-13)

  • Pokemon (8-13) 

6:30pm-7:30pm (AEDT)
  • LGBTIQA+ (13-22) 
  • Minecraft (8-22) 
  • AFL (8-22yrs)
  • Legend of Zelda (8-22) 
Image 9


5-6pm (AEDT)

  • Dungeons & Dragons (8-13) 

  • Legend of Zelda (8-13)

6:30pm-7:30pm (AEDT)
  • Dungeons & Dragons (13-22) 
  • I CAN Year 7 (11-13) 
  • Transition to Higher Education (17-22) 
  • The Hunger Games (8-22) 

NOTE: Age groups are advertised broadly, we group participants as close to their age bracket as possible. As a guide we generally group within the following: 8- 12 years, 13-17 years & 17-22 years – this may vary in I CAN Special Interest Groups.

how to apply

To express interest for yourself or your young person, click on the “Expression of Interest” button to fill out our application form, including if you are an existing I CAN mentee and would like to re-enrol. If you would like to participate in more than one group at a time, please fill the form out for each group.

For more information please see our KEY DETAILS pdf at the bottom of our Terms and Conditions. If you have any further questions, please write to us at 

Terms and conditions 

To participate you/ your young person need to be: 

  1. Currently in one of the age groups specified and located in Australia.
  2. Aware that they are Autistic, unless participating in the I CAN Imagination Club® group.
  3. Comfortable engaging via online and understanding that this may provide some sensory challenges for individuals who are sound sensitive as the online environment may prove to be noisy in some sessions.
  4. Willing to take part in a group activity in the afternoon or evening (this can be difficult for some individuals who need significant “down time” in the evening, so please consider preferences and needs)
  5. Can attend the allocated day and time. 
  6. Are aware that an Expression of Interest form has been submitted and is willing to participate.
  7. Understand that a cancellation policy is and our School Holiday cancellation policy in place and is willing to accept its terms upon acceptance of a spot.
  8. Will need to be able to abide by our ICT terms and conditions which ensure online safety and positive cyber participation. 



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