Australia’s largest autistic-led organisation 

I CAN Network employs Autistic adults to deliver mentoring programs, insights and professional development workshops in schools, workplaces and online. Together we prove what Autistics CAN do.

I CAN celebrates diverse thinking and provides the skills for autistic students to have a voice

Kyla – Deputy Principal, Coburg North Primary School

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school mentoring 

We offer weekly one hour group mentoring sessions for up to 16 Autistic students in both primary and secondary schools. Our primary school program I CAN Imagination Club® caters for a range of neuro-diverse students aged 9-12 years who have big imaginations!

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online mentoring 

Our Autistic-led nationwide online group mentoring programs provide Autistic young people aged 9-20-years-old with a safe, supportive space to connect, share interests and discuss common experiences. 


Our staff know what it’s like to be that Autistic student finding their way.. So we deliver personal stories and insights to empower teachers, parents and peers to create environments where Autistic young people feel safe, understood and accepted.

get involved 

Save the Date! AWETISM 2020 in Melbourne is a two day event over 5 – 6 November 2020. This year will be our first-ever online expo! Register below to take part.
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Now in our seventh year, I CAN Network’s knowledge of Autistic young people, schools and mentoring practice has enabled us to achieve widespread influence across the landscape of children’s rights and inclusive education and employment.

OUR VISION – A world that embraces Autism.

OUR PURPOSE – To prove what Autistics CAN do.

OUR VALUES – We are Positive, We Enable, We are Gutsy, We are Open, We build Networks and We have Integrity.

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online mentoring

As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I CAN Network has increased the spaces available in our national online group mentoring program. We want to ensure our Autistic kids and teenagers experience connection, belonging and self-esteem during this period of extraordinary disruption. Our staff have been the young people we serve: Autistic young people are our top priority.

i can imagination club®

For kids with ‘big imaginations’!

Our primary school mentoring program ‘I CAN Imagination Club®’ is a program for students who have learning differences or experience social anxiety whom may/ may not have an Autism diagnosis. The program engages a broad range of students. 

“we love imagination club!

St Bernadette’s Primary School, Ivanhoe

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